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Priscilla Magdalena

I'm Priscilla, and I'm an artist at heart. Avid photographer, lover of printed books (anybody else love the smell of a new book?), and aspiring writer - I love anything that challenges me to look beyond the obvious.


I grew up on the road since birth - as part of a musical, touring family - and that provided me with many opportunities to see the world from a different point of view. The high mountains of Colorado are my home, but I feel my gypsy soul belongs to the world.

My preferred style of shooting is candid; behind the scenes. Whether I'm capturing an elopement or an intimate family gathering,

my goal is to find those special nuances that will make your images interesting and personal.

Love, Pris

Colorado Photographer, Family Photographer, Elopement Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Nature Photographer, Photographer, Love Pris Photography, LLC.

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