The Last Local

Beau Thomas & Friends

I remember how excited I was when Beau asked me to join the band on vocals for the Dillon Amphitheater concert this year. But then Dad got sick. I had to decline.

I almost didn't make it out to the concert...I wasn't really sure I could be around people that day, having recently returned to Summit from Dad's funeral. However, I really wanted to support my friends, as they'd been super supportive of me since we came into each other's lives over a year ago. Plus - this was going to be the last local band to play there before the remodel!

If you were there, it was impossible to not have picked up on the amount of love and all the incredible energy around everyone in attendance. The band was AMAZING. The set list was en pointe. The dancing, spontaneous and energetic.

There is definitely truth to the belief that friends, nature and music are healing. I had such a memorable night, surrounded by love and music - I hope you enjoy this gallery of images* from that night! Feel free to share them, and kindly credit me (Priscilla Balderas). Xoxo.

Love, Pris

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